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OUR Team

Randy B. McCain Jr. 
Executive Director

Randy B. McCain Jr.Randy has taught robotics, managed programs, competitions and exhibits  in various schools, communities and  organizations in the Washington DC area over 6 years.  Read more...

Scott Dicent
Temp Student President 
Brenda L. McCain
Operations Manager

 Brenda is the backbone of MWSO running the administration  duties of the entire operation. She is the bridge between the Executive director and the organization.  Read more...

Takiyah Roberts
Temp Student Vice President 

Board of Directors

Andrew Stewart

Carlos Williams

Brian Harris

Indira Acker

Wesley Minter


MWSO is blessed to have some of the most accomplished professionals who volunteer time, effort and passion around giving back to our community. Each coach has been vetted via MWSO coaches policy and have proven themselves to be the right candidates for the job at hand

Elementary School

Christina Brown, M.Ed.

Elementary and Middle School Math Tutor- Christina Brown is from Washington,D.C. She earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Elementary Education from Lincoln University of Pennsylvania, and a Master’s of Education degree in Curriculum and Instruction. Read more...

Yvette Selby
Future City/ Jr. FLL

is an Environmental and Chemical Engineer who attended Northwestern University (BS) and Howard University (MS). She’s a branch chief in the Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention.  Read more...

Courtney Hall
Robotics/VEX IQ

has been involved with MWSO since 2016, after enrolling his children in the robotics program. He became impressed with the Organization, its vision, and the passion of its founders and decided to help as a parent volunteer. Read more...

Dyara Henderson

Dyara Henderson is from Adelphi, Maryland.  Ms. Henderson attended City College of New York and holds a Master's of Christian Education degree from Regent University. Read more...

Reading/Essay/language Arts

CEO and Tutor I have been educating students for 21 years. I have worked with students on the elementary, middle, and high school level specializing in literacy instruction.  Read more...

Randy B. McCain Jr. 
VEX/Computer Build/Fll

Randy B. McCain Jr.Randy has taught robotics, managed programs, competitions and exhibits  in various schools, communities and  organizations in the Washington DC area over 6 years.  Read more...

Middle School

Lateba Ponder
Robotics/VEX IQ Head Coach

Ms. Ponder has been a instrumental part to developing the VEX IQ program. She started a parent who did not think she could help but has become a great teacher/coach and has lead numerous classes, competitions and exhibits.  Read more...

Takiyah Roberts
3D Printing/ VEX IQ

My name is Takiyah Roberts, and I am a sophomore at North Point High School. At a young age, it was revealed, that I enjoyed working with my hands to create and build things. Read more..

Wesley Minter
Robotics/VEX IQ Asst. Head Coach

Mr. Minter is a dynamic manager with over twenty-five years of formal training and experience in the field of Information System Management, which includes Information Assurance,  Read more...

Wendell Bates

Born, raised, and educated in Washington, D.C., Wendell V. Bates is a graduate of McKinley Technical High School and Howard University, B.A., J.D., He currently lives and practices law in Prince George’s County, Md. From law to robotics?  Read more...

Jumoke Ademoye
Robotics/VEX IQ 
Yvette Motley , ED.S

Yvette Motley has been an Educator for over 18 years in Prince George’s and Charles County Public School systems. Currently, Mrs. Motley is a Middle School Math Teacher in Charles County Public Schools. Read more...

Dr. Cynthia Sutherland
Cyber Security/Computer Networks

Dr. Sutherland is an international cybersecurity advisor, consultant, and educator.  She currently serves as Senior Cybersecurity Analyst for the Joint Staff and U.S. Representative and Global Chair of the Multinational Security Accreditation Board for over 15 countries.  Read more...

High School

Maria Stanfield
Professional Development/CCR 
Jody Mitchell
Professional Development/CCR 

Maria Stanfield is the Director of Administration at the Virginia office of Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP, where she leads and manages more than 60 lawyers and over 70 professional staff members. Read more...

Dr. Samuuel Odenyo
Josh Wade 
Robotics/ VEX EDR

Joshua Wade competed in the VEX Robotics Competition in high school, participating in the 2010 and 2011 World Championships. He also had the opportunity to complete two summer internships at VEX Robotics Inc.  Read more...

Fitzgerald Johnson
Robotics/VEX EDR/Head Coach

Fitzgerald Johnson (Fitz) is from Gulfport, Mississippi. After High School, he joined the US Army to be all he could be where he jumped out of perfectly good airplanes and traveled. Read more..

Corliss Johnson
Robotics/VEX EDR/Assist Head Coach 

Corliss Johnson (CJ) is from Gulfport, Mississippi. After

high school, she joined the US Air Force where she retired after 30 years of service. She has a Master’s Degree in Business and Organizational Security Management. Read more...

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