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About US

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The Who:
Local STEM community organization and member of the National Society of Black Engineers Chapter (NSBE JR.) whose mission is to increase the number of culturally responsible Black engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally and positively impact the community.
The What:
We provide summer, after-school and weekend STEM classes, events, workshops, training and competitions that cater to Youth (ages 6-17) in the Washington DC metropolitan area in after-school programs in nontraditional venues. Provides programs to expose underrepresented students firsthand how Science, Technology, Engineering and Math relate to the world around them and discover the excitement of self-development, academic excellence, leadership, technical development, project-based learning and teamwork
The When: 
 Established 2011 as Metro Warriors Youth Organization (MWYO) with four students Rebranded 2013 as Metro Warriors STEM Organization MWSO) in 2013; Begin with only 4 students registration reached over 175 Students in 2017. One of the fastest-growing and largest NSBE JR. Chapters in Region II and across the nation.

The Why:

Expose Underrepresented Minorities to practical hands-on STEM classes and competitions for Youth early and often.


The Where: 
MWSO based at the National Christian Academy at 6700 Bock Road in Fort Washington, Maryland. Classes are administered weekly in the District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS), private schools and after-school programs in non-traditional vicinities. a. over 21 Locations served

The Strategy

  • Teach students to become Design Thinkers and problem solvers.

  • Improve science and math education in K through 12 to prepare more students for these fields in college, graduate school, tech school and I.T field.

  • Increase the number of science, engineering, and technology programs of minorities in the Washington DC area.

  • Create partnerships with the community to meet the increasing demand for STEM programming.


Heading 1


Program Growth 

Since 2011 our weekend program has the fastest growth of any other know STEM organization in the DC area. We begain with 4 students in 2017 registration was over 175 students.



  • Evaluation surveys will be given at the beginning of each student’s program enrollment. 

Statements guide course design, course activities yield data that measure student learning.

What do I want students to learn?

  • How do I teach effectively?

  • Are my outcomes being met?

  • How do I use what I've learned?


 Founder/Executive Director

Randy B. McCain Jr. A native Washingtonian who graduated from McKinley HS and attended the University of the District of Columbia majoring in Electrical Engineering and the University of Maryland in Hanau, Germany. Acquired over 25 years of formal and hands-on education, military training and professional Engineering experience in voice, data wireless and wireline telecommunications. Randy has taught robotics, managed programs, competitions and exhibits in various schools, communities and organizations in Washington DC. He is a senior advisor to the National Society of Black Engineers world headquarters in Va. and runs one of the most successfully NSBE Jr. Chapters in the area.
Operations Manager
Brenda McCain is a native Washingtonian who graduated from McKinley Technical High School. Furthermore, Brenda continued her education at the University of Maryland College Park graduating with her Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science Information Systems and Master's Degree in Cyber Security Policy. Brenda is the backbone of MWSO running the administration duties of the entire operation. She is the bridge between the Executive director and the organization. 
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